The information on this page only applies to Executive MBA courses, which meet primarily on Fridays and Saturdays. This information also applies to select EMBA block week courses which meet all day Sun-Thurs or Mon-Fri, as well as select evening electives that meet weekly from 6-9PM. EMBA electives have course codes beginning with the number 7 (i.e. B7xxx-xxx).

For Information on cross-registration for business school courses offered through other programs, check the full-time MBA and PhD pages.

Fall 2021 EMBA Cross-Registration

Please review the Fall 2021 EMBA Courses available for Cross-Registration and take note of the format the course is offered in. Then, refer to the EMBA-NY Friday/Saturday Fall 2021 Schedule (for Cross Registration) or the EMBA-NY Saturday Fall 2021 Schedule (for Cross Registration) as appropriate to determine if the course fits your schedule.

To apply to cross-register for an EMBA course, students must fill out the EMBA cross-registration form and send the completed document to Focrun Nahar at [email protected]. This form must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. on September 10, 2021. We will notify students the results of their application by September 13, 2021. Applications received after this deadline will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Important Information on Executive MBA Cross-Registration

Select Business School Executive MBA offerings, excluding core courses, are open to all currently enrolled Columbia University, Teachers College, and Union Theological Seminary graduate degree candidates, as well as post-baccalaureate students in the School of Professional Studies (SPS). Note that while undergraduate seniors are permitted to enroll in full-time MBA courses, they are not permitted to enroll in EMBA courses.

Executive MBA courses (B7000 Level) are primarily offered on the weekend, and are available on an exception basis for students who need to take weekend electives and have completed any pre-/co- requisites for the course. Cross-registration seats are offered on a space available basis after the EMBA selection process is complete. Note that not all EMBA courses will be available for cross-registration, due to issues of capacity and pedagogy, and there is no process for requesting seats in courses not included in the posted list of cross-registration course options.

In addition to our Friday/Saturday and Saturday offerings, we offer a small number of block week courses that generally meet 9 a.m.–5 p.m. on the dates indicated, as well as a small number of evening electives that generally meet weekly from 6 p.m.–9 p.m. Please note that the course list indicates which format each course is offered on. Friday/Saturday and Saturday courses are each part of a menu which corresponds to their specific meeting dates/times. See the Friday/Saturday and Saturday schedule documents above for details on each menu's specific schedule.

Please Note: certain courses require professor approval for cross-registration. For those courses, interested students should email faculty to obtain approval in advance of the application deadline. You can forward approval emails to Focrun Nahar at [email protected].

Almost all EMBA finance electives have the finance course Capital Markets & Investments (FINC B7306/B8306) as a corequisite. The following Columbia courses offered outside of the Business School have been approved as equivalent to Capital Markets & Investments:

  • IEOR E4711 Global Capital Markets (SEAS)
  • MATH GR5280 Capital Markets and Investments (GSAS)
  • INAF U6045 International Capital Markets (SIPA) and INAF U6022 Economics of Finance (SIPA) taken together fulfill the Business School's prerequisite of FINC B8306 Capital Markets & Investments.

All other stated prerequisites have to have been taken at the Business School. Instructors may not waive these prerequisites.

Students who believe they have the appropriate background may take an exemption exam for Capital Markets & Investments. The exam is three hours and administered online. If you're interested in taking the Capital Markets exemption exam, please email Focrun Nahar ([email protected]) for access.

Non-Business School students may take no more than 3 credits of business school courses (this includes MBA, PhD, and EMBA courses) per semester and no more than 12 credits during their entire Columbia course of study.

Non-Business School students will receive traditional letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) for courses taken at the Business School. Also, the Business School in general and EMBA program in particular follow a different academic calendar than most of the University. Students should review the EMBA calendar to ensure they meet required course and exam dates. Please be aware, most full-term EMBA courses begin the weekend of May 16, 2021 but specific meeting times for each course are indicated on the program-specific elective schedules.

Drop or Withdrawal Procedures and Deadlines

Full term courses

The deadline to drop full-term Fall 2021 EMBA courses is 4:00 p.m., September 14, 2021. Students may withdraw (with a notation of W on their transcript) from full-term spring EMBA courses until October 12, 2021.

Half term courses

The deadline to drop an EMBA half term course (1.5 credits) is before the start of the second course. Students may withdraw (with a notation of a W on their transcript) from EMBA half term courses before the start of the third course.

Block Weeks

The deadline to drop an EMBA block week course is the Thursday before the course begins. Students may withdraw (with a notation of W on their transcript) from EMBA block weeks before the start of the third day of the course.

Half Block Weeks

The deadline to drop an EMBA half block week course is the Thursday before the course begins. Students may withdraw (with a notation of W on their transcript) from EMBA half block weeks before the start of the second day of the course.

Executive MBA course drop or withdrawal requests must be submitted via email to Focrun Nahar at f[email protected].