Select Business School MBA offerings, excluding core courses, are open to all currently enrolled:

  • Graduate degree candidates at Columbia University, Teachers College, and Union Theological Seminary
  • Undergraduate seniors at Columbia College (CC), Barnard College (BC), The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), and the School of General Studies (GS)
  • Post-baccalaureate students in the School of Professional Studies (SPS)

Information on EMBA and PhD cross-registration may be found on their websites.

Cross Registration Regulations & Instructions

Course Enrollment & Availability

The only way to enroll in a Business School course is through the cross-registration application on this site. Instructors do not manage the enrollment of academic courses. Only courses with appropriate open capacity will be made available for cross-registration application. If a course is not made available to cross-registrants through the application process, there is no other form of appeal to gain access to the course. You will not be considered for enrollment if you do not complete the online cross-registration application by the appropriate deadline.

Non-Business-School students may take no more than 3 credits of Business School courses (this includes Block Week, MBA, PhD, and EMBA courses) per semester and no more than 12 credits during their entire Columbia course of study.

Cross-Registration Application Instructions

Students will need to submit a completed cross-registration application online. The application will be made available on the Open date listed below. Requests will not be considered outside of the online cross-registration application.

The MBA Course Directory lists whether a course is 1.5 or 3.0 credits. Click on the highlighted course number and title to access a full course description and whether a course has a pre- and/or co-requisite. The application allows you to save as many choices as you want, but only the top three will be considered.

Decisions and processing of all cross-registration applications will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students may attend courses while decisions are pending on their application.

Special Instructions for Teacher's College Students: If your application is accepted, please make sure to add the course(s) via myTC (Banner). If you can log into the application and can see the cross-registration phase, you must register through the online application. If you do not see the cross-registration phase, please email [email protected] a list of your ranked choices once the application has opened, as you will not have a profile with us. We will only accept applications during the application period.

Pre- and Co-Requisite Enforcement

Electives that have core course pre- and/or co-requisites beginning with B6xxx will not be enforced. These courses are listed below:

B6500 Lead: People, Teams, Organizations

B6100 Managerial Statistics

B6101 Business Analytics

B6200 Managerial Economics

B6001 Financial Accounting

B6601 Marketing

B6300 Corporate Finance

B6502 Strategy Formulation

B6201 Global Economic Environment

B6102 Operations Management

By accepting a seat in a course that has a core course pre- or co-requisite, you assume responsibility for having the necessary background and preparation. Electives that have course pre- and/or co-requisites beginning with B8xxx will be enforced.

The Finance course Capital Markets & Investments (FINC B8306) is a prerequisite for most finance courses. The following Columbia courses offered outside of the Business School have been approved as equivalent to B8306:

IEOR E4711 Global Capital Markets (SEAS)

MATH G5280 Capital Markets and Investments (GSAS)

INAF U6045 International Capital Markets (SIPA) and INAF U6022 Economics of Finance (SIPA) taken together fulfill the Business School's prerequisite of FINC B8306 Capital Markets & Investments.

Note for SIPA Students: For Business School electives that list B8306 Capital Markets as a co-requisite, one class (U6045 or U6022) should have already been taken and the other class should be taken concurrently with the B-School elective requiring the B8306 Capital markets co-requisite.

All other stated prerequisites have to have been taken at the Business School. Instructors may not waive these prerequisites. Students who believe they have the appropriate background may take the applicable exemption exam.

Exemption Exams

We offer online exemption exams for the following electives:

Capital Markets & Investments (B8306)

Real Estate Finance (B8331)

Introduction to Programming Using Python (B8136)

If you believe that you have considerable background in any or all of the above subjects, please email [email protected] to request exemption exam access. Please include your UNI with your request.

Drop or Withdrawal Procedures and Deadlines

Dropping or withdrawing from business school courses via SSOL or the University Registrar is not permitted. MBA course drop or withdrawal requests must be submitted via email to [email protected]. Relevant registration deadlines will be included in the application acceptance approval email received.

Application Periods & Available Courses (Subject to Change)

Please note, courses and application periods for cross-registration are subject to change. We will be making changes to this page up until the date that the application opens. Once the application opens, there will be no more changes.

Application periods and tentative lists of MBA courses available for the current application period are available below. Course information, including date, time, and location, can be found on the individual course page.

Fall 2021 - B-Term Courses

Opens: October 25, 2021 10:00AM EDT
Closes: October 25, 2021 4:00PM EDT

Available Courses

B8136-002 - Introduction to Programming Using Python

B8201-001 - Climate Change and the Energy Transition

B8315-001 - Game Theory and Business

​​​​Please note: Available seating is limited.

Spring 2022 - A-Term, B-Term and Full-Term Courses

To Be Announced January 2022

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will I be graded?

All cross registrants are graded on the A-F letter scale regardless of the grading system used by the department offering the class or the student's home school. Acceptable grades in cases of cross registration (with MBA grade equivalents) are A+ (H+), A (H), A- (H-), B+ (HP+), B (HP), B- (HP-), C+ (P1+), C (P1), C- (P1-), D (LP), F, IN, and W.

Can I audit a Business School course?

Auditing is only available for matriculated Business School students. Cross-registrants are not able to audit courses at the Business School.

How do I drop a course?

MBA course drop requests must be submitted via email to [email protected].

I just enrolled in a course. How long will it take to get Canvas access?

In two days' time most students will be able to access their course materials by visiting

Can I take a Business School course on a pass/fail (P/F) basis?

While all students, regardless of academic program, will receive a letter (A-F) grade, cross registrants do have the option of electing pass/fail for all courses registered. Electing pass/fail "covers" the original passing grade earned, while failing grades will post as "F." P/F grading must be processed at the home school level using a Registration Adjustment Form. Please follow the procedures of your home school for processing the form.

I want to make changes on my application. Can I do this and will it affect my place in line?

Making changes to your application will not affect your place in line. You can continue to edit your application until we have processed our decision on your application. Once we have made our decision on your application status, you are no longer able to access your application.

How many classes can I take in a semester?

You may be enrolled in up to 3 credits per semester.

I am enrolled in a course, but I want to switch to a different section. Can I do that?

We can only make decisions for classes that are on your application. If you have registered for another section on your application, and if there is space, we may be able to switch you to a different section. Please email [email protected] to inquire whether there is space for you to switch sections.

I received a seat in a course through cross-registration, but I would like to switch to a different course. Can I do that?

Cross-registration does not have a change of program period. However, if there is space in your second- or third-choice, we may be able to make that change. Please email [email protected] to inquire whether there is space for you to switch into a second- or third-choice.

A course that I am interested in is not on the list. Can I still register for it?

No. Only courses that are on the list are available for cross-registration.

The professor gave me permission to take a CBS course. How do I enroll?

The only way to enroll in a Business School course is through the cross-registration application. Professors do not manage enrollment of academic courses.

Can I register for a core course?

Only select electives, courses starting with B8xxx, will be available for cross-registration. Core classes, courses starting with B6xxx, are not available for cross-registration.

I have submitted my application. Can I find out my place in line or how many seats are available in the courses?

Unfortunately, we cannot share that information.

How much tuition and/or fees will I be billed when enrolled in a Columbia Business School course?

Columbia University & Union Theological Seminary Students: Columbia University & Union Theological Seminary students do not pay extra tuition if enrolled in a Business School course. They will pay their home school's tuition rates. Some courses do have special fees, however, and those will be denoted separately on your tuition bill.

Teachers College Students: Teachers College students are charged a per-point rate for courses taken at Columbia University; these rates vary depending on the host school. See Non-TC Tuition Rates for further information. Additionally, some courses do have special fees and those will be denoted separately on your TC tuition bill.

Access Cross-Registration Application

If your particular question is not covered on this site, you may email [email protected].