Adam Smith Society

The purpose of the Adam Smith Society is to build a community of Columbia Business School students interested in exploring the links between the economy, government and society. The purpose of the Executive Board will be to ensure continuity of the club mission and operations through event planning, membership management and internal and external relations management.

African Business Club

The African Business Club works to advance social and economic issues related to Africa, promote an understanding of Africa at Columbia Business School, and foster community amongst African students and students curious about Africa at Columbia Business School. The ABC also co-hosts the African Economic Forum with other Columbia University graduate schools. The Forum is the largest African focused event at Columbia Business School. The conference engages attendees in fruitful discussion regarding challenges and opportunities in Africa. Furthermore, the mission of the Club is to increase awareness of business opportunities in Africa across the student body, not just among African students.

Arts Society

The purpose of the Arts Society is to engage the CBS community with the best of New York’s vibrant arts scene. The club will organize events at museums, galleries, theaters, and music and cultural institutions around the five boroughs, leveraging its membership to get behind-the-scenes access and discounted rates for students. The club will curate the best of what NYC has to offer. The purpose of the Executive Board, “the Board,” will be to ensure a robust, diverse program of events at student-friendly prices.

Asian Business Association

To build a network and relationships within the Asian community through a variety of social events. - To develop professionally and enhance leadership skills for the workplace through workshops geared specifically for Asians or minorities.

Automotive and Transportation Club

The automotive & transportation industry stands at a crossroad. From electrification to autonomy in urban scooters to intercontinental freight, the changes taking place over the next few decades will radically impact our everyday lives. The social, economic and political ramifications of these advances are areas of intense commercial and academic interest. The economic and societal value generated by driverless cars alone is expected to be worth $7 trillion by 2050. Through our connections to industry and professors at Columbia, our club aims to educate and create opportunities for CBS students to tackle these issues – to get to the heart of the questions surrounding job shifts, electrification's impact on traditional oil and gas the ownerless car economy's ripple effects throughout other industries, and the ethical & safety implications of surrendering our safe to to computer-guided AI systems. Whether you would like to pursue a career in the automotive & transportation space or are generally interested in this sector for intellectual curiosity, it’s an exciting time to be a part of our Club.

Bernstein Leadership and Ethics Board

The purpose of the Student Leadership and Ethics Board for the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center is to foster a culture and safeguard a tradition of principled leadership throughout the Columbia Business School community. It fulfills this purpose by developing implementing and monitoring programs that cultivate leadership build character and promote ethical decision-making which in turn enables Columbia Business School students to become productive and caring participants in their companies and communities. The board is comprised of first-year and second-year Columbia MBA and EMBA students. Students are selected based on an interest in leadership and ethics academics and work experience. The Leadership and Ethics Board interacts with faculty staff alumni and students to develop support organize and market extracurricular events under the auspices of the center. Events include high-profile speakers and experiential learning activities such as films role playing activities actor's troupe events and other creative sessions as determined by the board.

Black Business Student Association

The BBSA creates effective programming and tools to ensure its members achieve academic, professional, and personal success. We build meaningful internal and external partnerships, increase equitable representation amongst institutional corporations, and drive lasting change within our communities.

CBS Innovation & Design

Columbia Innovation & Design is a professional organization at Columbia Business School with the goal of building and supporting a community of business leaders focused on the power of creative problem solving and idea generation. Our mission is to: 1) Promote innovative thinking on our campus. 2) Develop forums (through speakers, workshops, etc. on campus) for club members to learn about innovation happening in various industries. 3) Educate club members on the various career opportunities available to them where they can leverage their MBA education in an innovative and creative way. We aim to bring a diverse set of students together to lean from one another, and expose students to various companies and leaders across the innovation landscape. We look to educate, inspire, and help our fellow students above all.

CBS Reflects

CBS Reflects is a student-run leadership advisory board designed to build and bolster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at Columbia Business School. We are the first formal organization created at CBS to solely address issues of DEI. As our mission, we seek to to advance the professional aptitude of the global business leaders of the CBS Community—equipping them with knowledge and skills that will empower them to overcome bias and identify the immense value in diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. Our vision is to create opportunities for every stakeholder of the CBS Community to learn from difference, grow from misunderstanding, and feel seen and heard—while on campus and throughout their careers.

CBS Spirits Club

The purpose of The CBS Spirits Club is to provide the student community with a commercial and recreational experience in the dynamic Spirits industry. As MBA students, the opportunity to experience Spirits will be invaluable with regards to 4 major areas of focus: 1. Spirits as a commercial opportunity 2. Spirits as an insight into culture 3. Spirits as a conduit to business and relationship building 4. Spirits as a recreational activity

CBS Student Leadership Resources (BETA)

Christian Business Fellowship

The purpose of CBF is to provide a community for CBS students who identify as Christians or who are exploring Christianity. CBF is about discovering and learning how to have a loving relationship with God and with one another, supporting each other in achieving our MBA goals, and enriching members through talks and discussions on issues that Christian MBAs might encounter during their time in school and post-graduation. We also believe that Christianity exists for the blessing and the welfare of people and have a vision to grow as a community for others (the school, workplace, and society).

Cluster Q

Cluster Q seeks to create an inclusive LGBTQ+ community at Columbia Business School that actively supports the full spectrum of CBS LGBTQ+ students as well as our allies to educate and engage through social, educational, and career-related events. Collaboration with the broader CBS community, both with other student organizations and alumni, is crucial to carry out this mission.

Co-Ed Flag Football Club

To promote flag football as a safe, fun and friendly athletic endeavor on campus.

Columbia Basketball Club

The purpose of the club is to organize basketball players who wish to play basketball in both a recreational and more structured environment.

Columbia Better Halves

To socialize with Better Halves.

Columbia Business School Canucks

The Canucks is designed for students of Canadian background or who have interest in Canada to build a community for those with an affinity to the Great White North.

Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization

CEO's purpose is to promote entrepreneurship throughout CBS.

Columbia Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

We aim to educate CBS students on entrepreneurship through acquisition and provide career enhancement opportunities.

Columbia Fintech and Blockchain

Columbia Fintech & Blockchain Club is a student-led organization that aims to centralize and develop education, community and innovation in the field of financial technology

Columbia Student Investment Management Association

CSIMA aims to improve the skills and knowledge of its members and advance members’ careers by providing career workshops, pitching instruction and practice opportunities, and guest lecturers and by connecting students with alumni and employers. CSIMA also published the Graham & Doddsville investment newsletter and hosts the annual CSIMA Conference, which has 800+ attendees and features guest speakers such as Seth Klarman, Joel Greenblatt, David Abrams, Howard Marks, Dan Loeb, and Michael Mauboussin.

Columbia Women in Business (CWIB)

Columbia Women in Business (CWiB) aims to foster a lifelong community that enables all Columbia Business School women to achieve their personal & professional aspirations through programming that provides education, support, and friendship to our members.

Community Career and Money Skills

CCMS is a community service club that educates the community surrounding CBS by encouraging and empowering individuals to take control over their financial well-being, informing the community about best practices related to career preparation and personal money management, and driving financial awareness in and around the greater NYC area. ~ 2 times monthly volunteer program on campus to teach core financial literacy skills to adult clients from welfare-to-work programs ~ 1.5 hour commitment during lunch ~ One-on-one teaching with a client ~ Informal conversations and develop relationships ~ Free lunch provided!

Dual-Degree Club

The purpose of this club is to connect CBS students pursuing degrees at other Columbia Programs, concurrently. The club will foster a community of support for current students, create an alumni network to better support students, and serve as a resource for interested applicants. In addition, the club works to be a nexus for MBAs interested in cross disciplinary studies and programming.

Dutch Club

The Dutch Club is for everyone with an interest in Dutch culture and / or the Netherlands

Energy & Infrastructure Club

The purpose of the Energy & Infrastructure Club is to foster an active energy community at CBS, to provide our members with opportunities to enhance their business knowledge of the energy and infrastructure industries, to connect our members with energy and infrastructure professionals, and to provide access to energy and infrastructure career opportunities.

Equity Research Club

The purpose of the Equity Research Club is to educate, inform, and bring together Columbia MBA students who are interested in learning about and/or pursuing careers in sell-side equity research. The ERC helps prepare students for equity research recruiting and summer internships/full-time jobs by hosting educational and networking events, communicating timely and relevant industry information, and providing other forms of support (e.g., mentorship programs). The purpose of the Executive Board will be to provide leadership to the club by setting organizational priorities, responsibly supervising the disbursement of club resources, and holding club members and officers accountable for their actions.

European Society

The purpose of the European Society is to bring together Columbia Business School students with social and cultural interests in Europe. The club seeks to serve not just as a social organization but also as a provider of networking opportunities for students interested in living and working in Europe after graduation. The purpose of the Executive Board is to organize and promote the activities consistent with the Club’s purpose.

Events Committee

Events Committee is part of the Student Government, and plans school-wide social events throughout the year for all to enjoy.

Family Business Club

The Family Business Club (FBC), in support with the Family Business Program, seeks to foster a sense of community among students with an interest in family business. Involvement in a family business is not a prerequisite for membership, our organization represents a myriad of sizes, generations, and industries within the family business space.


To provide entertainment and merriment to the community of Columbia Business School, including the presentation of a comedic show parodying life at CBS.

Football Club

The Football Club is all (nearly) about the beautiful game; both a social and an athletic club, come, make friends and play football. Players of all genders and ability are welcome to join as long as you want to have fun. If you don´t want to play but still want to enjoy the side perks join us and become a member of the CBS-wide renowned "Team 4".

General Management Association

To expose, prepare, and equip club members for interviews and career success in general management and functional roles at Fortune 500 companies and beyond.

Golf Club

The Golf Club’s purpose is to enable students, professors, and alumni to participate in the sport of golf through both events at nearby golf courses and driving ranges as well as golf treks throughout the year. The club will provide professional development, networking, and social opportunities through a variety of golf experiences. We welcome golfers of all skill levels and are particularly excited to help non-golfers fall in love with the game as we have!

Gourmet Club

The purpose of CBS Gourmet is to foster connections between CBS students through a shared passion of food, and also provide guidance to students who are interested in pursuing careers in the food & beverage industries.

Government and Business Club

1. Bring awareness to the CBS community of the role that government plays in affecting the private-sector enterprises, as well as society at-large. 2. Provide a forum for discussing political issues and developments in relations between government and business. 3. Expose the CBS community to opportunities in public service and related industries. 4. Provide the CBS community with opportunities to participate in the political process (by helping with voter registration drives, for example).

Greater China Society

1. Promote a tighter bond in Greater China communities 2. Contribute to a platform of China-related resources within the CBS community 3. Advance communication & bridge the U.S. and China communities and markets

Green Business Club

The purpose of the Green Business Club is to support students interested in green business and sustainability; provide students with learning opportunities in environmental sustainability and business; and advocate for green initiatives on campus. We pursue this through various activities, including: organizing events with potential employers, seeking and sharing relevant information through a club newsletter, planning on- and off campus educational programming, facilitating networking within our club and with other groups, and leading and participating in Columbia-related environmental initiatives.

Harlem Tutorial Program

To serve the local community by supporting the academic and intellectual growth of the student population at the Harlem KIPP STAR Charter School.

Health & Wellness Club

The Health & Wellness Club (previously the Healthy Living Club), promotes a balanced healthy lifestyle for MBA students and aims to provide programs to manage stress, have fun, improve eating habits, make exercise a regular part of living, and explore career options in the "healthy lifestyles" sector. The HWC aims to spread the love for healthy lifestyle choices throughout the CBS community. It broadens the community’s understanding of what “healthy living” means to different individuals - specifically that there are different facets of health. Programs include yoga and meditation workshops, group workouts, health awareness weeks, visiting professionals from all aspects of the health and fitness industry, meals at healthy restaurants and speakers on various subjects. The club will also be a visible presence on-campus to ensure students keep in mind the importance of a balanced life and a healthy lifestyle while a CBS student, incorporating initiatives including better food options at school events to stress reduction programs during midterms and finals.

Health Care Industry Association

We want to build a diverse community of individuals interested in exploring the academic and career opportunities of the healthcare industry. We hope to increase interest in healthcare within CBS and participate in broader discussions about healthcare at Columbia overall. HCIA aims to be a valuable resource to help students navigate and enhance their healthcare careers, regardless of whether those careers are in the pharmaceutical, payor/provider, investing, or entrepreneurship sectors of healthcare. Specifically, we aim to: (i) Build a strong HCIA alumni and student community (ii) Provide career guidance and opportunities (iii) Collaborate with other healthcare programs (iv) Cultivate relationships with the external healthcare community (v) Have fun while doing all the above

Hermes Society

This organization is composed of selected students who voluntarily serve as representatives of the Admissions Office.

Hispanic Business Association

The purpose of the Hispanic Business Association (HBA) is to promote a strong sense of community for the Latino population at Columbia Business School.This purpose is accomplished by organizing a series of events throughout the year that enhance the professional and personal development of HBA members.

Hospitality and Travel Association

HTA brings together all students who have professional and personal interests in hospitality, travel, travel technology, nightlife, gaming, and all related fields.


Founded in 1999, InSITE is a leadership development program comprised of graduate students passionate about entrepreneurship. The organization has eight chapters across the country – New York, Boston, St. Louis, New Hampshire, Berkeley, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. InSITE’s mission is to cultivate a community of leaders and support innovative companies through consulting projects for emerging companies as well as leadership development programming for Fellows. Today, InSITE Fellows and alumni make up a global network of leaders in entrepreneurship and venture capital. InSITE raises money through sponsorships from the emerging companies that fellows work with each semester. Each completed project donates to the organization. The schools represented in the New York InSITE Chapter include Columbia, NYU, Cornell Tech, and Weill Cornell Medical College.

Investment Banking Club

The purpose of the Investment Banking Club (IBC) is to provide members with a forum to learn about the investment banking industry, with the overarching goal being to find summer or full-time investment banking positions for all interested members.

Israel Business Association

The Israel Business Association (IBA) is a student group at Columbia Business School under the auspices of the Jerome Chazen Institute for Global Business. IBA seeks to connect the CBS community with Israel and its commercial development, specifically but not exclusively high-technology start-ups in Silicon Wadi. The club will also serve as a communal fabric and home away from Haaretz for students who are from or maintain a connection to Israel, Jewish, Arab, or otherwise. We will also celebrate Israeli holidays, discuss relevant geopolitical events occurring in Israel, explore US-Israel (and other international) relations, and ultimately create a welcoming space for anyone interested in being part of Israeli culture at CBS.

Japan Business Association

The purpose of the Japan Business Association (JBA) is to increase awareness and promote Japanese culture within the CBS community. Additionally, we will look to connect past, current and future students to the Japanese business community to maximize the Japan-related CBS network.

Jewish Business Students Association

The Jewish Business Students Association (JBSA) is designed to create a welcoming, social and fun community for its members to explore Judaism and Jewish culture.

Korean Business Association

The Korean Business Association (KBA) is a professional and social organization supporting: (1) all CBS students interested in the intersections of Korean business, culture, and politics; (2) Korean students adjusting to life in the US/NY for the first time; (3) students of Korean descent wishing to connect with their Korean roots. We will focus largely on social events that emphasize networking with alumni living and working in Korea, bringing together guest speakers for relevant political and cultural topics, and sharing Korean culture through food and music.

Latin America Business Association

The purpose of the LABA Club is to provide a forum to foster the development of our members, to increase awareness of the Latin American culture and values, to build a network within people interested in the region, and to provide job opportunities in LatAm and around the globe. As representatives of LatAm in CBS, we are looking be the integration point for the Latin community and support incoming students in their transition to New York and CBS and be a platform to show our rich cultures to the world to strength our bonds with ANYONE who want to learn more about the region. We are also looking to be the link between companies and students looking for job opportunities in the region. We are really looking forward to fostering this community and making LABA the best club in CBS!!

Management Consulting Association

The MCA's mission to prepare CBS students for a career in consulting -- which entails both unpacking what consulting as a profession entails, and tips on navigating the internship and full-time recruiting process.

Marketing Association of Columbia

MAC’s purpose is to provide recruiting, networking and educational resources necessary for Columbia Business School students to successfully pursue careers in marketing. MAC collaborates with organizations such as employers and university affiliates to enrich the MBA experience of its members. MAC is governed by a President or co-Presidents, Vice Presidents and Assistant Vice Presidents collectively referred to as the “Board.” The purpose of the Board is to serve MAC members by planning and executing club activities and initiatives in accordance with the club's purpose.

Media Management Association

The purpose of the Media Management Association Club is to support students who are interested in film, television, radio, publishing, theater, music, telecommunications and new media. The MMA organizes a variety of activities for the Columbia Business School community, including high-profile speakers, company visits and career panels. MMA further serves as a forum for students with applicable professional backgrounds as well as students who are just fascinated by the industry. The purpose of the Executive Board will be to lead the club in all of its initiatives in order for members to really get the most out of their membership.

Men's Rugby Football Club

The purpose of the CBS RFC Club is to form and train a team of athletes from across CBS to compete in athletic competitions. The club will focus on incorporating the values inherent in the sport of Rugby such as integrity, respect and brotherhood in Columbia Business Students’ personal and professional careers.

Micro-Brew Society

The purpose of the Micro-Brew Society is to bring together beer lovers and newcomers alike to enjoy, learn, and explore the wonders of beer in an organized and responsible manner. Our goal is to provide students with opportunities and resources to learn about local and international beers, including the brewing process and the business of brewing, marketing, and selling beer. The club prides itself on the principles of a casual environment, fun atmosphere, and great value for money for its members.

Military in Business Association

The mission of the Columbia Business School (CBS) Military in Business Association (MiBA) is to support military veterans, other service-oriented professionals, and allies through advocacy, skills development, and a robust network of veterans in order to successfully enable MiBA members to thrive in the next chapters of their careers.

Muslims in Business

Muslims in Business is an affinity club for Muslim students at Columbia Business School that seeks to create a communal fabric for Muslim students at Columbia Business School and foster meaningful interaction between the smaller Columbia Business School and larger Columbia University Muslim communities. To this end the MiB envisions undertaking activities and events with other religious and campus clubs. These activities include social and religious gatherings, community outreach, and interfaith dialogue.

Outdoors Club

The purpose of the Outdoors Club is to create a community for outdoor enthusiasts and beginners alike to enjoy activities out of doors. Members will foster a stronger CBS community as we share our common interest in the outdoors, develop as individuals and as teams through our pursuits, and represent CBS on trails, rivers and slopes around the world.

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are MBA students who are dedicated to making the transition for new students to the Columbia Business School environment a fun, informative and amazing experience. With members selected in both the Fall and Spring, the Peer Advisor team is selected through a rigorous application and interview process and trained in leadership development, with a strong focus on team building.

Private Equity Club

The purpose of the Private Equity Club is to bring together MBA Candidates interested in the private equity industry and private equity investing, which is deemed to include illiquid, minority or majority investments in growth equity, all sizes and stages of leverage buyouts and distressed investing, as well as the professions that provide services to or interact with the private equity industry, such as secondaries as well as private equity operations roles. The PE club’s mission is to educate, foster social interaction among members, alumni and industry professionals and provide career opportunities in the private equity industry.

Public Speaking Association

Develop public speaking skills and overall presentation ability

Real Estate Association

One of the largest and most active clubs at Columbia Business School, the Columbia Real Estate Association (REA) is a resource for MBA students interested in pursuing a career in the real estate industry, from property development and management to real estate finance and investment. The REA holds regular events, site tours & company visits, local and international study trips, and frequently hosts real estate industry and alumni speakers. The REA mentoring program seeks to give members the knowledge, experience, and resources that help find a successful career in real estate

Restructuring and Distressed Investing Group

RDIG is designed to facilitate the development of a community for those interested in turnarounds, operational and financial restructuring, and distressed debt investing. We seek to advance this community by bringing practitioners to campus who can speak to each of these areas and connecting students with alumni in the field.

Retail and Luxury Goods Club

The Retail & Luxury Goods Club has a dual mission to educate students about all aspects of the retail industry, and support them in finding meaningful internships and post-MBA careers in the field. The RLG is home to any student who wants to be a part of the retail industry – an integral part of the club’s mission is to foster a strong community within the school. The RLG also strives to leverage Columbia Business School’s unique strengths and prime location in New York City, a global retail and luxury capital.

Running and Triathlon Club

The purpose of this club is to provide a community for seasoned and recreational everyday athletes (running, swimming, cycling), and most importantly beginners to set appropriate fitness goals and have fun while achieving them. Members will provide a community and support system to help each other achieve individual and team goals, and represent the CBS/Columbia community throughout the city through participation in local races and community service events.

Russian Friends

To introduce the CBS community to the Russian and ex-Soviet countries' culture, promote diversity and inclusion as well as to arrange professional opportunities, meetings, and presentations

Sailing Club

1. To gather together sailing enthusiasts, or those interested in learning about sailing, within the business school community 2. To organize the annual Columbia Sailing Club trip in the spring term 3. To recruit and deploy the CBS team in the Annual MBA Regatta in Europe 4. To provide social events and networking opportunities between CBS students, alumni, and other members of local yacht clubs

Silfen Leadership Series

The Silfen Leadership Series is a set of distinguished occasions at Columbia, occurring throughout the academic year. As a student-run venture, in conjunction with the Dean's Office and the Office of External Relations, the Series aims to enhance the shared access to intellectual capital between students and the leaders who drive organizations, societies and markets forward. At Columbia Business School, it is with a sense of community and respect that we host world-class leaders to share their ideas and experience with the next generation of business innovators. The David and Lyn Silfen Leadership Series is central to this effort.

Small Business Consulting Program

The main purpose of SBCP is to provide CBS students with challenging, hands-on consulting experiences that make them more effective business leaders. We aim to be the leading pro-bono consultancy for small businesses, startups, and non-profits in New York City.

Snow Sports Club

The purpose of the Snow Sports Club is to foster an appreciation and enjoyment of various snow sports at Columbia Business School and to facilitate the annual ski trip--the biggest trip at Columbia Business School. The club encourages friendship and mutual respect of its members through its events and activities. The purpose of the executive board will be to organize trips and other events that fulfill this mission.

Social Enterprise Club

The purpose of the Social Enterprise Club is to serve students interested in pursuing social enterprise as a full-time career, students looking for part-time opportunities to volunteer or serve on nonprofit boards, and students looking to connect with a community of like-minded peers with a broad interest in social enterprise both domestically and internationally.

South Asia Business Association

The purpose of SABA is to offer a forum to encourage cultural and economic interest in South Asian countries, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. The club will aim to create a strong network among students of South Asian descent as well as those who are interested in South Asia.

Southeast Asian Business Association

A. Promote cultures and values of the members of the Southeast Asian countries to the CBS student body through host of activities. B. Create opportunities for students from or have interest in the region to form networks. C. Provide resources and assistance to students who look to develop their career in the region.

Spanish Club

1) Share the Spanish culture with members of the Club and with the CBS community as a whole 2) Provide support and create opportunities for all students that are interested in the Spanish culture 3) Provide support to first year Spanish students, in order to facilitate integration into the CBS community

Sports Business Association

Bring MBA students together who are interested in a career in sports to keep up with trends in the industry as well as find future opportunities in the industry for current MBA and post MBA students.

Squash Club

To bring together members of the CBS community through a common interest of playing squash. We are open to all levels of ability, backgrounds and engagement levels. Our aim is to enrich our members' experience at Columbia by offering them the chance to play and improve their squash abilities.

Student Government Executive Board

The Student Government Executive Board seeks to actively enrich and broaden the student experience. Interacting with students administration faculty and the external community the council promotes an environment of energetic and engaged students who are proud to be lifetime members of the Columbia Business School community.

Technology & Data Analytics Association

TDA is the premier professional club that provides resources and support so that students can successfully recruit for careers in the technology industry AND build technical & analytical literacy and skills.

The French Connection

The purpose of The French Connection is to promote French and Francophone language, culture and business within the Columbia Business School (“CBS”) community and foster a sense of community among French speaking students and all students wishing to discover more about the cultures of the Francophone world.

The Italian Club

The mission of The Italian Club is to spread the culture of Made in Italy to a broad audience, including non-Italians, by organizing recreational and professional events for its members

The Middle East and North Africa Club

The purpose of the MENA Club is to promote Middle Eastern & North African heritage and culture within the Columbia Business School Community while increasing awareness of CBS in the MENA region. The club also aims to facilitate networking and recruiting efforts for members interested in learning about / pursuing opportunities in the region.

University Senate

The University Senate regulates interfaculty affairs and considers issues of University-wide concern. The student body elects two senators who act as the official representatives for all Columbia Business School students; they report to the Student Government Executive Board on University Senate proceedings at least once each semester. Senators are elected at the end of the spring term along with summer Student Government Executive Board members.

Venture Capital Club

The purpose of the club is to educate students about venture capital, connect them to the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Columbia and NYC, and prepare them for a career in VC, all while solidifying Columbia Business School’s position as a leader in entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Volleyball Club

To play volleyball with each other and with other MBA programs

West Coast Society

The West Coast Society will exist with three related mandates: (1) The WCS will serve as an affinity club for students of Columbia Business School hailing from the West Coast of the United States and Canada. (2) The WCS will serve as a forum and networking opportunity for students of Columbia Business School planning to pursue career opportunities on the West Coast of the United States. (3) The WCS will serve as a conduit between the currently-enrolled Columbia Business School student body and regional alumni groups on the West Coast, including but not limited to those in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

Wine Society

The purpose of The Wine Society is to provide CBS students with opportunities to expand their wine knowledge. Our mission is to engender wine appreciation and foster a vibrant community of wine lovers at CBS.

Women's Touch Rugby

To encourage, promote and coordinate women's touch rugby at CBS.