The Career Management Center (CMC) at Columbia Business School works with students to help them build lifelong career management skills. Students in the Master of Science in Marketing Science program have employment profiles, skills, and career trajectories which differ significantly from students in other programs at the School. Consequently, the CMC provides resources specifically tailored to the experience and needs of Master of Science students, including:

  • Training in recruiting fundamentals: résumé and cover letter assistance, career coaching, and mock interviews.
  • Job listing resources appropriate for the degree program profile.
  • Access to customized resources in Columbia Business School’s online recruiting system

Because of the heavily analytical, technically-oriented profiles of Master of Science in Marketing Science students, the jobs most appropriate for these candidates are not part of the MBA recruiting program. Consequently, Master of Science students are not eligible to participate in MBA recruiting schedules or company presentations. Instead, Master of Science students work with the CMC to target career opportunities best suited for their background and training.