The Marketing Division at Columbia Business school has a track record of training scholars who go on to become academics at many of the world’s most prestigious institutions. Our alumni have won numerous best paper awards and have been named Marketing Science Institute young scholars, Editors of the top journals in the field, and Fellows of academic associations. Our alumni generally go on to stellar academic careers.

Here is a list of placements, by year of graduation, over the past few years:


PhD Year Name Initial Placement
2021 Youjung Jun Yonsei University, Korea
2021 Jason Choi Rutgers Business School
2020 Alain Lemaire University of Texas, Austin
2020 Travis Oh Yeshiva University
2020 Nicolas Padilla London Business School
2019 Khaled Boughanmi Cornell University


Noah Castelo University of Alberta, Canada
2019 Rachel Meng Stern, NYU (postdoc)
2018 Ryan Dew The Wharton School
2018 Qitian Ren The Chinese University, Hong Kong
2018 Yael Karlinsky-Shichor Stern, NYU (postdoc)
2018 Jaeyeon Chung Rice University
2017 Jia Liu HKUST
2017 Shiri Melumad The Wharton School
2015 Charlene Chen Nanyang Business School
2014 Liu (Cathy) Yang HEC, Paris
2013 Stephen Atlas University of Rhode Island
2013 Liad Weiss University of Wisconsin-Madison
2012 Peter Jarnebrant ESMT
2012 Yang Li Cheung Kong GSB