Ritt Keerati

Ritt Keerati
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During his 13 years working in finance, Ritt Keerati learned the ins and outs of the industry and grew passionate about financial markets. At the same time, “I also grew perplexed by how markets function and how various economic phenomena transpire,” Keerati says.

Drawn to academic literature, Keerati ultimately decided to pursue a new career in academia through a PhD in finance. He was brought to Columbia Business School by its first-class reputation, the strength of the faculty, breadth of the CBS alumni network, far-reaching corporate connections, and prime location in New York City.

“Studying at CBS also gives me access to valuable resources in other areas at Columbia University — such as classes, faculty access, and speaker series — as well as professional and interesting events in New York City,” Keerati says.

Keerati is now focusing his research efforts on international finance and macroeconomics. “Some of the questions I am exploring include: What makes the U.S. dollar the dominant currency in international trade and finance, and what are implications for the global economy? How can emerging economies safeguard themselves from spillover of economic policies of advanced countries?” he says. “How will the rise of crypto and digital currencies affect capital markets, and how should central banks adapt their policies?”

Keerati appreciates the strong support he received from CBS faculty. “I have learned a great deal in my classes, and my advisors have also helped me tremendously in training me as an academic researcher and in navigating my field of study,” Keerati says. Two of Keerati’s favorite classes at CBS are Empirical Asset Pricing, taught by Professor Van Nieuwerburgh, and Continuous-time Finance, taught by Professor Neng Wang.

His PhD classmates have been an invaluable part of Keerati’s experience, too. “I love exchanging ideas with my classmates — both during seminars and casually outside of class,” he says.

Post-graduation, Keerati hope to pursue an academic career and impact society through teaching and research.

“I want to combine my interest in international finance with my passion for financial markets to study research questions that both are intellectually exciting and have policy implications,” Keerati says. “In the long run, I hope to have the opportunity to apply my knowledge to serve as a policymaker to help enhance the development of countries and improve the lives of their people.”