Yu Ding

Yu Ding
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Having a deep interest in consumer psychology and behavioral science, pursuing an academic career in marketing was an easy decision for Yu Ding. He chose to obtain his PhD with Columbia Business School because of the numerous opportunities to collaborate with faculty. His experience so far has been incredibly positive, as he has received tremendous support from the faculty. “For myself particularly, Gita Johar has been one of the best advisors I’ve ever had. She has guided me in my research, my career, and my life,” Ding says.  

Being in New York and part of the CBS community has also had significant impact on his experience with the program. “New York is like my second hometown and I have met and became friends with some of the most intelligent people with the biggest hearts at CBS.”

Academically, Ding has enjoyed all the classes he has taken so far at CBS and looks forward to taking more classes within and outside the curriculum that could be beneficial to his research. But what he appreciates the most are the opportunities to connect with scholars and researchers outside the CBS community. “I enjoy the weekly seminars where we invite outstanding scholars to speak about their research,” says Ding. “It is one of my favorite experiences within the program because you can learn from other scholars, their academic research, as well as from the discussions between the speakers and the audience. Witnessing the interactions between the scholars and CBS faculty is always a great learning experience. You also have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion if you choose to, which is always very exciting and encouraging.”

Ding’s current research focuses on the trust in science and marketing promotions. “I study how the diversity in beliefs can impact a person’s trust in science, and as a result, guide their consumption behaviors. I am also currently exploring how consumers react to gift and quantity promotions, as well as influencer ads on social media.”

Ding’s future plan is to become a professor after obtaining his PhD and looks forward to the day where he can develop and teach courses based on his research. “In hindsight, following my heart to choose CBS was indeed a wise decision,” says Ding.