Rongchen Li

Rongchen graduated from Tsinghua Univeristy in 2018 with a major in Accounting and a minor in Statistics. He then obtained an M.S. degree at Columbia Business School, during which he completed first-year PhD coursework. Rongchen grew up in Beijing, China. He has contributed his work for Professor Bryan Kelly on a financial econometrics project, for Professor Wei Jiang on hedge fund activism research, and for Professor Stephen Penman on an accounting-based asset pricing research. Rongchen is comfortable with Python, R, MATLAB, and Stata.

Decision, Risk & Operations

Prem Talwai

Prem Talwai graduated from Cornell in May 2019 with a BA in mathematics. His research interests include stochastic control, numerical optimization, and spectral methods. At Cornell, Prem's research ranged from exploring Sobolev spaces on fractals to developing efficient dynamic programming approaches for optimal path planning. He spent his junior year abroad at Oxford, where his work examined spectral clustering algorithms on stochastic block model graphs. His senior thesis centered on the use of Taylor approximations of the value function in the stochastic Bellman equation. Prem is currently a research associate in the Decision, Risk, and Operations division, and aims to pursue a PhD in operations research or applied mathematics.

Economics (Micro)

Jett Pettus

Jett graduated in the spring of 2018 at the University of California, Santa Cruz with a BA in Economics/Mathematics. Jett grew up in San Diego, California. During her time at UCSC, she spent a year and a half working as a research assistant in an economics lab where a large portion of her responsibilities included using Python to scrape a variety of online databases. In addition to working with Python, Jett is proficient in Stata and is learning MATLAB and R. Jett has been one of the microeconomics research assistants at Columbia Business School since July 2018 and is primarily interested in political economy, law and economics, and public economics.

Saikun Shi

Saikun graduated from Smith College in 2016 with a double major in Economics and German Studies. In college, she was a research assistant for professors in Economics and Government Studies, and served as a teaching assistant for Econometrics and Economics History of Germany. Before joining Columbia Business School, she worked at an economic consulting firm, where she specialized in quantitative and qualitative analysis of economic issues related to M&A regulatory review, antitrust litigation, and damages.

Economics (Macro)

Angus Lewis

Angus graduated in 2017 from the University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Economics, Applied Math, and History. As an undergrad he worked as a research assistant on two projects. The first investigated financial development in ancient Rome and its implications for modern debates on financial and economic development. The second analyzed the determinants of election results during the Gilded Age. Angus also wrote a senior thesis on the administration of ancient Roman mines in Spain as the Roman state transitioned from contracting out mining rights to private entities to systems of more direct state administration. He maintains an interest in economic history but has become most interested in pursuing macroeconomics research. He is interested in economic growth, international trade, and inequality. He is very familiar with Stata and has working proficiency with MATLAB and Python.

Rachel Williams

Rachel graduated from the Ohio State University in May 2019 with a double major in Economics and World Politics and a minor in Mathematics. Rachel is from Louisville, Kentucky. During her time at Ohio State, she worked as a research assistant on an economic history project and wrote her senior thesis on the spillover effects of states’ renewable portfolio policies. In college, she also interned at the Brookings Institution and worked as a field intern on a RCT in India with EPoD at Harvard. She is most comfortable in Stata and is currently learning Python and MATLAB.


Joanna Harris

Joanna graduated in 2017 from the University of Chicago with a double major in Economics and Statistics. She has worked with several professors in the Finance division over the past year and is most comfortable using Python, R and Stata. At UChicago, she wrote her senior thesis on the way the S&P options market prices uncertainty around FOMC meetings, using various methods to quantify the degree of uncertainty around each meeting. In college she worked as a course assistant and a research assistant for various professors, most recently in the Economics department on a project related to affirmative action. She spent a year after college working as an emerging markets macro trader at an investment bank, focusing on Brazilian interest rate derivatives.

Henry Nguyen

Henry graduated with distinction in 2018 from Brandeis University with a Masters in Finance. During his time at Brandeis University, he did an independent study about forecasting the stock market movements using different machine learning techniques. He also worked as a teaching assistant for various professors at the Finance department. During the summer of 2018, he spent 3 months working as an intern for a fintech company in Israel. Currently, Henry is the finance research associate at Columbia Business School on several projects about mutual funds and job markets. Henry is proficient in Stata and Python and is also familiar with R.

Giuditta Perinelli

Giuditta holds a BA degree in Finance from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) and a double MSc in Economics from Bocconi University and Keio University (Tokyo, Japan), where she was also Teaching Assistant for the Economics department. Before joining Columbia Business School, she worked in the wealth management industry in Switzerland and as Research Assistant in the Financial Research division at the European Central Bank (Frankfurt, Germany). Her main research focuses are financial markets and monetary policy. She is proficient in Stata, but is also familiar with MATLAB and Python.


Imrul Huda

Imrul joined the Management division after completing his MA in Social Science from the University of Chicago in 2018. He also worked as RA at Booth School of Business and Becker Friedman Institute. Before coming to Chicago, he worked three years as monitoring and evaluation consultant in Bangladesh. He designed and implement two quasi-experimental studies to measure the impact of introducing new technology/business process in traditional agricultural practices. He is most comfortable with Python, R and Stata, but is also familiar with Java and Javascript.


Ahmed M’rad

Ahmed has a BA in Financial Economics from Columbia University and has been working in the Marketing division since 2017. Past and current projects at the Business School include large scale text analysis, NLP, API handling, A/B testing, and implementing some automation tools assisting professors Amano Tomomichi, Olivier Toubia, Andrey Simonov, Eva Ascarza, Oded Netzer, and Kamel Jedidi. Ahmed's preferred language is Python and he is proficient in R with working knowledge of Stata and Java. He is currently learning SQL and Javascript.