Master of Science in Financial Economics students are indistinguishable from finance or economics PhD candidates in their intellectual ability and academic credentials. Nevertheless, these students differ from typical doctoral students on two key dimensions: they do not necessarily aspire to an academic career and they do not wish to commit to a four to six year course of study. Work experience, while not required, is highly desirable.

We do not have minimum test score or GPA requirements, however on this page you can see the averages of the entering class.  We accept both the GMAT and GRE exams.

2020 Entering Class

Applications Received: 606

Applications Admitted: 50

Acceptance Rate: 8%

Class Size: 23

Average Age: 24

Female: 8

Average GRE Quantitative: 168

Average GRE Verbal: 160

Average TOEFL Total: 110

Average GPA: 3.85

Undergraduate Major

Economics - 39%
Engineering - 9%
Mathematics - 22%
Finance - 9%
Computer Science - 9%
Statistics - 4%
Other - 8%