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Master of Science

Receive rigorous academic training for the deepest impact on business

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Master of Science Programs


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Master of Science in Marketing Science: a two-term STEM eligible program, you’ll cultivate the expertise needed for a career in analytical marketing.


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Master of Science in Financial Economics: a two-year STEM eligible program, you’ll gain the quantitative and theoretical tools for a successful career in finance.


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Master of Science in Accounting & Fundamental Analysis: a three term STEM eligible program, you’ll develop the skill set for a successful career in investment advisory, equity and credit analysis, and consulting.

Partner Programs with SEAS

The new MS in Business Analytics, developed in part by IEOR chair Garud Iyengar (left), equips graduates with a deep understanding of data analytics and its practical applications.


Master of Science in Business Analytics: a three-semester program, you’ll develop deep knowledge of predictive modeling to help make actionable decisions and to improve business operations.

Ops Consulting Class


A three-semester program, you’ll develop the optimization and stochastic modeling skills needed to succeed in operations engineering and management.