Professionals from a wide range of industries are attracted to Columbia Business School — the only Ivy League school at the center of business. When admitted to the EMBA Program, you’ll join high achievers who work in banking, real estate, media, healthcare, and many other professions.

A network forms. By learning together and interacting closely, you and your classmates will gain a distinct advantage that extends far beyond the classroom. The relationships that you develop will form your professional network for years to come.

Many perspectives. The diversity of perspectives in the classroom will lead to fresh insights and give you an ability to look at challenges from many angles.

Below is the profile of the Friday/Saturday class that began in August 2020.

Class Makeup

Class size152 (in two clusters)
Average age32
Average years of work experience9

Industry Background

Class of 2020

Industry %
Financial Services 35
Technology 11
Consulting 8
Healthcare 8
Marketing & Media 8
Retail/Wholesale 8
Other 6
Real Estate 3
Consumer Products 3
Education 3
Government, Military & Non-profit 3
Entertainment & Leisure 2
Energy/Utilities 1


Class of 2020

Sponsorship %
Company (full) 15
Company (partial) 44
Self 41