Attending Columbia Business School is a major investment. We believe it's an investment in your future with an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio, but there's no denying it's an investment that needs to be planned for carefully.

Our Financial Aid Office is here to help you finance the MBA program, as well as to recognize students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and professional potential.

The budget provided on the bottom is based on a moderate student lifestyle and represents the maximum amount of financial aid possible for the current academic year. Tuition is set by the University's Board of Trustees and is ratified in June of each year.

Student Budget 2021-2022

Item Cost
Tuition $77,376
Mandatory Fees $3,797
Health Services & Insurance $5,138
Books & Supplies $398
Room & Board $24,822
Personal Expenses $6,246
Total First Year Budget $118,777

Students may incur additional costs, such as study tours or club events. The January-Entry student living budget differs slightly since the first year is only 8 months.

Given the rigor of the full-time MBA program, employment during the academic terms is discouraged, particularly in the first year. Teaching and research assistantships are offered directly through faculty members, although these appointments are generally awarded to doctoral students. More information about on-campus work opportunities can be found here.

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