Columbia Business School offers partial-tuition scholarships to many qualified candidates, both domestic and international. Scholarships are mostly need-based, however, certain named scholarships have a merit component or have specific criteria designated by the donor. Details on applying for scholarships are available after admission.

  • August-entry scholarship applications and related materials are due by mid-January or two weeks from the date of admission, whichever is later. Decision notifications begin in February and continue on a rolling basis.
  • January-entry scholarship applications and related materials are due by mid-October or two weeks from the date of admission, whichever is later.  Decision notifications begin in November and continue on a rolling basis.
  • The date of admission is defined as the date on which the Admissions Office notifies the candidate via e-mail.

Award amounts range from $10,000–$30,000 for those who qualify and based on funds available (amounts can sometimes be higher in certain circumstances).  Of those who apply, about half receive a need-based scholarship and the average award is approximately $20,000.  Although the percentage of recipients is high, students should not assume they will be awarded a need-based scholarship as these awards are not guaranteed.  Awards are generally renewed for the second year of study.

To assess a student's eligibility for need-based aid, the School takes into consideration all possible resources (including cash, savings, investments, money market, IRA and retirement accounts, CDs, trust funds, real estate equity, GI and Social Security benefits, income of student and spouse, other familial resources, income tax refunds, sponsorships from companies, as well as prior educational debt levels). We also take into account merit-based awards made possible by the Admissions office.  Additional information might be requested to best assess a candidate's ability to pay and late applications are subject to a different process.

External Scholarships

We encourage all MBA applicants to look for scholarship resources outside of the school as well. For a listing of external scholarships and search engines, please visit our website.