Columbia Business School’s supportive community helps our busy students balance their lives, courses, and research while still having opportunities to enjoy one another’s company and the excitement of New York City.

New York City: The very center of business

Columbia’s location in New York City cannot be underestimated when choosing a PhD program. The city fuels so much of what happens at the School, and the School feeds back into the city with current students, new graduates, and visiting faculty members.

Since its inception, Columbia Business School has maintained a symbiotic relationship with New York City. It is the nexus for business research and the implementation of ideas that impact industries. Columbia Business School’s proximity to an extraordinary concentration of business leaders means that our students get constant access to the best minds in business, who regularly visit to teach, speak, and meet with students. (In fact, no business school has more on-campus visits than we do.)

Columbia University

As a member of the Columbia community you have access to endless resources. This includes more than a dozen libraries and the training workshops they provide. You have access to a phenomenal health services office, initiatives sponsored by the Religious Life Office, and innovative programming the Miller Theatre offers in collaboration with the School of the Arts. Because of Columbia's convenient location and deep ties to business, the opportunities for students are limitless.

The Columbia Business School community

At Columbia Business School, we believe that diversity strengthens any community or business model and brings it greater success. That’s why we’re committed to promoting diversity in all forms by making sure that those from different racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, and professional backgrounds are represented in our community. We are constantly finding ways to further promote diversity, particularly through our more than 100 unique student-led organizations at Columbia Business School.

We also realize that building an inclusive culture is a never-ending journey. As a result, Columbia Business School students take part in the Phillips Pathway for Inclusive Leadership program, which aims to provide students the skills in learning how to manage and advocate for diversity and equity in their workplaces.


In January 2022, Columbia Business School will open a new, state of the art campus. Comprising 17 acres in the western portion of Harlem known as Manhattanville, Columbia University’s new campus will be a home for PhD students and will feature groundbreaking research and world-class education in a variety of fields, from neuroscience and business to international affairs and the arts. Situated just five blocks north of the University’s Morningside Heights Campus, the Manhattanville Campus will host graduate-level schools and research centers, housing for faculty and students, and spaces for the community.