The PhD degree in marketing is a research degree that is focused on developing the skills needed to do original research. SomeĀ latitude exists in the program: some students concentrate on mathematical modeling, some on using behavioral science to explain customer choices and some on the selection of strategy and its impact.

Students are expected to attend informal seminars and to take several marketing seminars and courses. The basic courses, which vary somewhat from year to year, are choice and decision-making models, applied social psychology (attitude formation and change), marketing-science models, measurement methods, and competitive strategy (from an applied microeconomic view).

Students are encouraged to work closely with faculty members to develop, conduct, and report significant research. The Marketing Division is widely recognized as one of the best in the world for its published output in leading journals and on the quality of its PhD program. Faculty members have broad interests, including buyer behavior, industrial marketing and purchasing, marketing strategies, marketing planning and information systems, advertising, choice modeling, and the performance of multinational firms.

Sample Marketing courses

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