Starting in 2020/21, the School, in partnership with the Arts & Sciences Economics Department, will begin offering a Business Economics Track (BusEc). The target is to enroll 3 to 4 students a year.

BusEc is not a separate PhD program. Students are enrolled in the same PhD in Economics Program and are awarded the same degree by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Most requirements and resources are identical. However, BusEc is particularly suited for PhD students who want to leverage the academic resources available at Columbia Business School, and in particular in the Economics Division of the Business School.


BusEc students will receive 5 years of guaranteed funding from the Business School and can apply to have this extended to 6 years. They will be required to TA one year in the Department of Economics before the end of their fourth year. The package, including stipend, is comparable to that of other Economics PhD students.


The application process is joint with the standard Economics PhD program. Please click here to apply: GSAS Econ PhD Portal.

Coursework (first year)

  • The first-year courses are the same as other Econ PhD students:
  • GR6211 Microeconomic analysis I
  • GR6212 Microeconomic analysis II
  • GR6215 Macroeconomic analysis I
  • GR6216 Macroeconomic analysis II
  • GR6411 Econometrics I
  • GR6412 Econometrics II
  • GR6410 Mathematical methods for economists
  • GR6930 Perspectives

Coursework (second year)

Like other Econ PhD students, BusEc students must select two fields. Specific to BusEc is that one of those two fields has to be the newly created Business Economics field, which will include courses in areas of strength of the Economics Division. The other fields currently offered are: Micro Theory, Macro, Econometrics, Industrial Organization, International Trade, Applied Micro, Development, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Political Economy.

Beyond coursework, BusEc students will be required to fulfill all the same program requirements as other students in the Economics PhD program.


There will be a joint placement website hosted on the Department of Economics website. In all other ways, BusEc students will be considered equally when on the job market.


At least one primary advisor of a BusEc student shall be a member of the Economics Division of the Business School (if there are two, the other one can be from A&S).


BusEc students will receive work space in the Business School (conditional on availability).

Current Students

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