Columbia’s PhD faculty is renowned for their diverse subject areas and holistic approach to teaching. Students learn from some of the world’s top business teachers and researchers and have the opportunity to work in close concert with them, including as coauthors on their original research projects. This close collaboration with highly-regarded experts is an integral part of the experience and one of the main reasons our Doctoral Program is so well regarded.

Throughout the PhD program, there is a tight and lasting relationship between PhD students and faculty. As early as the first year, students act as research assistants, making valuable connections with faculty members.

By the third year, students have typically coauthored with a faculty member a paper suitable for publication. Faculty research interests cover a broad range of topics, so students can usually find a faculty member who shares a common pursuit.

As students enter the research phase of the program, faculty members are deeply involved in the work, from reviewing the proposal to sponsoring the dissertation and being present at its defense.

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