Sofia Cattaneo

Sofia Cattaneo
Class Year
Milan, Italy
Areas of Interest
Previous Education
University College London

What brought you to business school?

I was lucky enough to pursue my undergraduate degree in London (UK), and I felt it was time for me to experience the United States too. I had always been intrigued by marketing, and I knew that the next step in this field would be the merging of marketing practices with data science. Columbia Business School was unbeatable in this. The MS in Marketing Science perfectly combines the qualitative and theoretical aspects of marketing with its most technical and analytical ones. On top of that, the possibility of taking both MBA and PhD courses represents the most cutting-edge approach to both marketing and data science.

What has been your favorite part of the MS experience so far?

I have been enjoying every aspect of it; from the intense and stimulating technical classes to the more hands-on classes, and from the dynamic networking opportunities to the vibrant life in the city. I have been amazed by how steep the MS learning curve turned out to be. In less than a month, I found myself able to code, conduct advanced statistical research, and develop sharp business acumen.

What is it like going to business school in New York City?

NYC is vibrant, engaging, and full of opportunities. Columbia Business School fully integrates the “campus life” with the possibility of living in the city to its fullest. There are countless networking events and socializing occasions both on and off campus.

What has been your favorite course so far?

I am really enjoying my Digital Marketing course. Professor Michelle Greenwald combines her passion for marketing with her solid experience in the field. While the course is really engaging and stimulating, it also teaches real-world metrics and provides industry-wide exposure.

How has the expertise of your professors impacted your learning?

It goes without saying that all Columbia Business School professors are experts in their respective fields. I have been exposed to both the forefront of academic research in marketing and to industry professionals in the field. That way, I’m able to get as technical as possible and as professional as possible at the same time. Classes are devised in a way that you are always stimulated and directly engaged with what you are taught, both from a purely technical standpoint and a more industry-oriented one. 

What do you want to do next? How has Columbia prepared you for your future?

After Columbia Business School, I am eager to join the luxury fashion industry and apply my marketing expertise to it. I aim to harness data analytics to nudge consumer choices toward a more sustainable consumption. The MS program’s unique syllabus, together with Columbia’s strong ties to the fashion sector, empower me to achieve both my professional and personal goals.

What will you take with you?

I will always take with me Columbia’s sense of community and its effort to empower me to improve the world I live in. All the hard work, strong connections and initiatives will always motivate me to engage in stimulating activities and to be persistent in what I am doing or in what I am striving to achieve.