Choices: You’ve been making them for a long time. The decision to go to business school and the choice of which school to attend are among life’s profound decisions.

Reach Out to Admissions

The Admissions Office offers many ways to learn more about Columbia Business School’s culture, program strengths, and character. Hear from members of the EMBA admissions team, along with current students and alumni, during our ongoing series of virtual and in-person prospective student events; and discover what makes Columbia unique among business schools.

Seeking the Next Great Class

Our Admissions team considers more than test scores and work experience in selecting students. We get excited about individuals who are not only intelligent and accomplished, but who will thrive in our rigorous academic environment while helping to shape our close-knit and diverse community.

Our Advice

  • Consider the culture. Every school has its own. Find the business program that’s right for you — academically, socially, and professionally. For example, Columbia operates at the very center of business. That translates into many things, ranging from enlightened to gritty to passionately engaged in community.
  • Aim high. Choose the business school that will serve your career. Think about whether you want to reinvent your career, start a new venture, or show up a whole lot bigger in your current company. At Columbia, you’ll develop relationships that form a lifelong community and are with you through every career stage.
  • Prepare to leave an indelible mark. If Columbia is right for you, we believe you will achieve your career dreams. Please know that we’re available for you through the Admissions Office at 212-854-1961 or [email protected].