You have a full slate of responsibilities, yet you’re determined to earn the best MBA possible. We get it. That’s why we designed flexible options that meet the needs of working executives. The EMBA program is identical to our Full-Time MBA in every way but the schedule. That means you apply tomorrow what you learn in the classroom today. Which MBA is right for you?

Our two New York-based options, EMBA-New York Friday/Saturday and EMBA-New York Saturday, will enable you to complete the program successfully:

We also have partnerships with London Business School and the University of Hong Kong — giving you the opportunity to pursue Columbia Business School’s world-class MBA on three continents.

Your new global network. Prepare to gain knowledge, as well as a whole new network. You’ll meet students from all our EMBA offerings at various points. This will enhance your connections globally, as well as bring fresh perspectives as you meet a diverse array of faculty members and students. Here’s a quick look at the options:

EMBA-NY Friday/Saturday Option

EMBA-NY Saturday Option

  • Begins in May
  • Classes are generally held from 8:30 a.m. to 6:45 p.m.
  • Length of program: Six terms, meeting approximately every Saturday, over 24 months
  • Requires three three-day residencies, held at the start of the first three semesters
  • Employer sponsorship of time is not required
  • Employer financial sponsorship is welcome, though not required
  • Learn more about the Saturday option

EMBA Global

If your future belongs on the global forefront, consider the EMBA-Global program. As a pioneer in MBA education, Columbia Business School has created partnerships with London Business School and the University of Hong Kong.

High-caliber, global focus. Whether following a corporate path or exploring entrepreneurial avenues, EMBA-Global is geared to the academic needs of individuals who want to accelerate careers on the international playing field.

EMBA-Global Americas and Europe

Columbia’s pioneering program with London Business School features:

  • Monthly classes that alternate between London and New York
  • A unique program in which you earn two full MBA degrees after studying in these two major hubs of global business
  • Alumni privileges at each school

EMBA-Global Asia

Columbia was the first to create an executive MBA program on three continents. This unique program features:

  • Study in Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, and London, with most classes taking place in Hong Kong
  • The opportunity to earn an MBA conferred jointly by London Business School, the University of Hong Kong, and Columbia Business School
  • Full alumni privileges at each school

Learn more by visiting the EMBA-Global website.

Electives for All EMBA Options

  • Offered during the last three terms
  • May be taken on the respective regularly scheduled class weekends, as well as during international seminars and as weeklong global electives
  • May be selected from electives offered by the Full-Time MBA Program, as well as at other graduate schools at Columbia University