Wondering what it’s like to earn an MBA while still working full time? It’s possible at Columbia Business School. Our flexible program options and the collaborative and nurturing community help students meet their professional goals while finding balance in their personal lives. Hear from four recent alumni about their Executive MBA experience.

The Executive MBA Program at Columbia is ranked among the top in the world. It is a unique learning environment that is demanding in its academic rigor and ultimately very rewarding for growing your network and achieving your career potential.

Built-in support.

We want you to succeed, so we offer:

  • A dedicated staff member to help you navigate through the program
  • Services to maximize your time on campus and smooth out any wrinkles in your daily life, including:
    • Free textbook delivery to your home or office
    • Catered meals and snacks every class day
    • Drop-off technical support for laptops
    • Free tutoring in all quantitative subjects
    • Recorded and live-streamed review sessions

With that kind of support, you’re able to focus on solving the biggest problems in business and making a positive impact on society and the world.