Earning the Executive MBA is a huge commitment. It requires 30 to 40 hours a week as a student. Yet, the program is geared to the realities of ambitious executives who are ready to roll up their sleeves and push forward.

The facts. As you consider making one of the biggest — and best — decisions of your life, here are the requirements to earn the Columbia degree:

  • Sixty (60) credits of graduate-level courses taken in residence at the School in four terms of study. Of the 60, 24 credits are from required core coursework and a minimum of 36 credits are from elective courses.
  • Students who exempt out of core courses must replace them with electives to fulfill the MBA requirement of 60 credits. Fifty-four (54) of these credits must consist of in-classroom business courses.
  • You may count a combined maximum of six credits of Independent Study and graduate-level courses from other Columbia schools toward the MBA degree.
  • No transfer credits from other institutions may be applied toward the MBA degree.
  • A failed core course must be repeated; a failed elective must either be repeated or replaced by another.
  • Graduate-level courses are denoted by a number of 4000 or higher.

Students must maintain a minimum Grade Point Average throughout the program. For specific GPA details, please visit Academic Standards.