As an Executive MBA student, you’ll find a Columbia community forms easily, beginning day one.

Built-in community

Your cluster and learning team will assure a close connection with classmates. You’ll discover a diverse and talented group — from startup founders to private equity executives to healthcare administrators.

Global interaction

As an EMBA/NY student, you’ll meet many business school students, including those in our EMBA-Global programs (which include partnerships with the London Business School and the University of Hong Kong). Electives are open to students in all EMBA programs, as well as full-time MBA students, spurring a constant mix of perspectives.

Network expansion

While incredibly tight knit, Columbia Business School boasts the largest EMBA student body in the country. Your network will expand exponentially, as you attend informal or planned social events. Along with Full-Time MBA students, you’re welcome to join any student clubs and participate in conferences and events.

Needless to say, the relationships you build during your time at Columbia will likely last a lifetime. One more reason the Columbia EMBA is ranked one of the world’s best.