Josh Tenenbaum

Josh Tenenbaum
Class Year
Brooklyn, NY
Areas of Interest
Previous Education
Bentley University (BS)

What brought you to business school? Why did you choose Columbia Business School?

I was at an inflection point in my career where I needed to make a bold change in order to transition into a very competitive segment of my industry. I had a friend in the program who felt that my unique work experience would be a good fit with the EMBA program.

What was your first impression as a student?

All of the other students and faculty were very impressive. I quickly realized that being back in a classroom environment with significant work experience made the experience so much more engaging for me.

How do you balance between work, school, and your personal life?

I moved near campus to Morningside Heights, which made for an easier transition. I also ensured that I was in a job that was comfortable for me so the challenges of school would not be exasperated by issues at work.

What’s your favorite part of the EMBA experience so far?

My favorite part of the EMBA program was making friends for life who will also be leaders in their respective industries.

How have your professional skills translated into success at business school?

I was one of the only individuals that came from the hotel industry, so it was nice to have a unique perspective that others in the class seemed to appreciate.

Which faculty member(s) and/or courses influenced you the most, and how?

Jay Dahya’s corporate finance class was most impactful for me. Revisiting the fundamentals of corporate finance was so crucial for me in laying the foundation for all other financial related courses in the program. Jay’s passion and simplistic approach to the topics made it very easy to follow for people of all levels of experience.

What are your long-term career goals?

I would like to run my own company and have the flexibility to spend lots of time with my family while still achieving all of my financial goals.

What’s your top advice for new students?

Participate in as many extra activities and trips as possible associated with CBS. The relationships formed with other students are as important as what goes on in classroom.